Working from Home?
Create a Space You LOVE to Be In

It’s exciting to see some things returning to normal. I know I’ll be excited when I can safely eat at a restaurant and hug the friends I haven’t seen in a year. However, while some things seem to be returning back to normal – or at least slowly easing in that direction – there’s a good chance that one outcome of COVID-19 won’t be changing any time soon: working from home. If you carved out some work-from-home space in March 2020 and are finding yourself still in it, chances are you might be thinking that this could be more permanent than you originally anticipated. So, why not create a space you love – even if it’s in an expected place in your home?

Good design combines both style and function, so it’s important to incorporate pieces and elements that not only inspired you but make you comfortable as well, starting from the ground up!


It’s crucial to have an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomically correct, especially if you’re sitting in front of the computer all day. And to make things really functional, a hard-surface floor makes moving around a lot easier. These days you have lots of options:

Hardwood: Keep in mind that unless the finish is ultra-durable, a chair with or without wheels could scuff it over time and start to show wear under the desk.  All prefinished flooring and finish manufacturers would recommend using a chair mat to protect the finish.

Tile: The good news is that wear might be less of an issue depending on the tile material but, large grout lines or poorly installed tile could make it difficult to easily slide the chair.

Vinyl: Typically a smooth surface for ease of movement but, depending on the quality, could wear over time.

Luxury vinyl: This is a fairly new product that’s very durable with a low chance of wear. With the quality of the product it’s often hard to visually tell the difference.  The finish technology on vinyl is similar to a prefinished wood flooring product.  The manufacturers would recommend the use of a chair mat to prevent damage.


Creating storage solutions is important in any office – it can also help you liven up the space. Using closet storage could be a way to go and if you’re utilizing a spare bedroom for your office, custom built-in storage looks great and provides lots of functional space. Here’s an example from Jeff Faine of Hone Closet Systems:

If the work area is in a living space, items could be stored in attractive baskets on the floor, under the desk or on another work surface. If there are open shelves (wall mounted, built-in, or furniture such as an etagere) there are all sorts of attractive storage containers in which to stash office supplies that can be woven in with other decorative items.


When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your space, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Task lighting: This is so important for these long days (and sometimes evenings!) working from home. A lamp on the desk/work surface would work OR if the desk is butted against the wall, sconces could be an option.

Ambient lighting: General room lighting can really make or break a space. If there are no ceiling mount fixtures, add lamps (table or floor) throughout the room for to create an inviting atmosphere.

Michelle Ku

Author Michelle Ku is a Denver-based interior designer who offers a range of interior design services including kitchen and bath design, luxury condo design, and full-service residential remodels. Through her thorough development process, Michelle creates custom plans that fit your home and your lifestyle. CLICK HERE to connect with Michelle.