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Denver Hardwood/ FDG Commercial does not sell directly to the end consumer. We sell our floors through a network of dealers located throughout the Colorado & Rocky Mountain region. By visiting one of our dealers, you can get expert advice to ensure your flooring project is a complete success. In addition, you can get a hands on look at samples of the products you found here on our website. The dealer locator below will help you find the closest Denver Hardwood/ FDG Commercial participating dealer. Just type in your location and/or zip code, etc. and click Search. Visit one of our friendly dealers today and see the amazing selection of our flooring products for both residential and commercial projects.

      Denver Location

      1150 East 58th Ave., Denver, CO 80216
      P: 303.296.1168
      F: 303.292.3118
      6:30am — 4:30pm week days.

      Colorado Springs Location

      3265 Fillmore Ridge Heights, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
      P: 719.418.5466
      F: 719.418.5469
      7am – 4:30pm week days.