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Residential Solid and Engineered
Wood Flooring Products

Solid & Engineered Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished residential solid and engineered flooring is made from real wood. Strips or planks of solid wood flooring are made from a single piece of wood. This is the traditional wood floor we all usually associate with the term “wood flooring”, but prefinished at the factory. This flooring is generally made from a hardwood such as maple, oak or hickory, but can be found, mostly special order, in softer woods like pine or fir.

Strips or planks of engineered flooring are usually made from multiple layers of wood. This type of flooring is generally prefinished, but not always. Engineered floors use  faster growing species of wood for their core material and some even use wood fibers that, in the past, would have been waste material (sawdust, recycled or reclaimed wood). By doing so, engineered floors represent a more resource efficient and ecologically sustainable flooring product.  Engineered wood flooring is usually more dimensionally stable than it’s solid counterpart. It is also more widely available in wider planks at less cost. In general, engineered flooring has a thinner wear layer, but its factory applied finish makes it very durable.

Additional Wood Flooring Information

The links below will connect you to our mini site pages for some of the best manufacturers in the business.

Hallmark Hardwood Floors Logo and Floor Image

Hallmark Floors, proud to offer you over 100 uniquely designed hardwood and waterproof floors.

Kahrs Flooring Products Logo

Kährs quality hardwood and vinyl floors for your project, whether it’s a café, boutique, office, gym, exhibition hall or private home.

Sheoga, Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring Logo & Room Scene

Sheoga employs a team of local craftsmen who are united in producing the best quality solid hardwood flooring available anywhere.

Block Logo for Vista Hills on Denver Hardwood Site

Vista Hills premium engineered hardwood flooring elevates your spaces. Look no further than the Vista Hills collection to find the perfect flooring solution.

Woodhouse Hardwood Flooring Block Logo

WoodHouse – A collection of fine engineered and solid hardwood flooring in a wide range of colors and species.

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