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Kährs Engineered Wood Floors

Kährs long experience in producing wood floors means that we can manufacture flooring with a variety of looks, expressions and styles.

Kährs Life Engineered Wood Flooring

Kährs new Life flooring collection provides the best of both worlds: a beautiful, real wood floor with properties close to LVT, all at a cost-conscious price point. The Life Collection features a range of wide and narrow plank floors, in 10 trendy colors ranging from light to dark.

Kahrs, Chevron, Light Brown, Engineered Wood Floors
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Kährs Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring

The Chevron collection represents a modern take on a classical pattern. The ingenious construction of “ready-made” patterned boards ensures easy and fast installation. The design with bevelled edges, combined with natural colour variations and the brushed surface, creates a striking look. The collection comes in four colours: a warm white, a unique grey colour with a weathered look, a classic brown and smoky shade in luxury dark brown. When installed and combined with the wood panelling, the result is dramatic and exclusive.

Kahrs Floors, Chevron, Color Samples
Chevron Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Smaland, Sevede, Light Smoked, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, Smaland, Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs Småland Engineered Wood Flooring

The Småland Collection consists of specially selected oak planks with a lot of character, individually treated based on its unique composition of knots, graining and cracks. The result is a lively and rich floor with natural lustre and feeling.

Kahrs Floors, Smaland, Color Samples
Smaland Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Shine, Black Silver, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Shine Engineered Wood Flooring

An audacious collection, Shine Collection consists of eight floors in a variety of Oak, Beech and Ash. A durable, high gloss, lacquer sheen offers a reflective finish, while a metallic infused wood grain adds to the unique, daring character of the collection.

Kahrs Floors, Shine, Color Samples
Shine Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Grande, Maison Oak Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Grande Engineered Wood Flooring

The Grande Collection is ideal for those searching for a traditional looking ‘plank’ floor in dimensions previously not available in a modern multi-layered format. The collection includes a variety of styles and colour variations, for the most ambitious interior designs.

Kahrs Floors, Grande, Color Samples
Grande Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Da Capo, Sparuto, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Da Capo Engineered Wood Flooring

Da Capo Collection includes floors ranging from light to dark, united by their rustic appearance. This has been achieved through a great amount of manual work on each plank, including hand scraping and oiling.

Kahrs Floors, Da Capo, Color Samples
Da Capo Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Prime, Oak Mello, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Prime Engineered Wood Flooring

The Prime Collection consists of various muted shades of oak.  A beautiful choice for bathrooms and powder rooms.  A good choice for a child’s bedroom as well.

Kahrs Floors, Prime, Color Samples
Prime Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Domani, Maple Bruma, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Domani Engineered Wood Flooring

Each of the seven floors in the brand new Domani collection has its own unique style and dynamic character, in colours spanning from white, grey and natural shades, to rich and dark tones. The boards have a discreet and more sophisticated surface than is usual on a rustic wood base. The focus when developing the collection has been to keep the natural wood feeling but with added smoothness through the use of a hard wax oil, soft brushing and slight hand scraping.

Kahrs Floors, Domani, Color Samples
Domani Sample Sheet
Kahrs, World, Jarrah Sydney, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, World Collection, Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs World Engineered Wood Flooring

World Collection- Floors stained to a distinct exotic look.  Exciting dark reddish-brown hues provide a unique ambiance that can be combined and integrated with all types of interior designs.

Kahrs Floors, World, Color Samples
World Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Sand Collection, Oak, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Sand Engineered Wood Flooring

Sand Collection- Unique white-lacquered and oiled floors in several sandy-white shades for a fresh, clean and pared-down feel.

Kahrs Floors, Sand, Color Samples
Sand Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Scandinavian Naturals, Ash Gotland, Engineered Wood Floor
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Kährs Scandinavian Naturals Engineered Wood Flooring

The warmth and luminosity of ash and beech wood floors pay tribute to Kährs’ Scandinavian roots.

Kahrs Floors, Scandinavian Naturals, Color Samples
Scandinavian Naturals Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Harmony, Oak Smoke, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Harmony engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Harmony Engineered Wood Flooring

Harmony – the comfort of home, with its warm, nurturing atmosphere. A place to retreat, awash with mellow tones that calm the body and soul. The subtle, rich tones of Kährs Harmony Collection are designed to complement all interior styles and to create a sense of well-being.

Kahrs Floors, Harmony, Color Samples
Harmony, Color Samples
Kahrs, Founders, Oak Fredrik, Engineered Wood Floors
Kahrs Founders engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Founders Engineered Wood Flooring

The Founders Collection pays tribute to the pioneering founding family members behind Kährs. A heavily brushed, hand scraped surface, enhanced by a Nature Oil finish enhances the grain and texture of the wood – reflecting the masters’ dedication to preserving the natural beauty and craftsmanship of wood floors. The Collection consists of six 1-strip rustic Oak floors, ranging from pale to dark shades.

Kahrs Floors, Founders, Color Samples
Founders Sample Sheet
Kahrs, European Renaissance, Oak Palazzo Rovere, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs European Renaissance engineered wood floor logo

Kährs European Renaissance Engineered Wood Flooring

Our 150th anniversary has inspired us to develop a collection of classic floors based on the magnificent floor styles of bygone periods. Something really special and totally unique.

Kahrs Floors, European Renaissance, Color Samples
European Renaissance Sample Sheet
Kahrs, European Naturals, European Maple Salzburg, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs European Naturals Engineered Wood Floor logo

Kährs European Naturals Engineered Wood Flooring

Inspired by Europe, its multiple cultures, its diverse people, its colorful traditions. The European Naturals collection, maple, oak and the crisp, clean feeling they bring to your space.

Kahrs Floors, European Naturals, Color Samples
European Naturals Sample Sheet
Kahr, Classic Nouveau, Oak Nouveau Gray, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Classic Nouveau engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Classic Nouveau Engineered Wood Flooring

A floor collection that has been refined through brushing and staining and the creation of a distinctive bevel on all four edges. Floors that are as beautiful as they are easy to look after.

Kahrs Engineered Wood Floor, Classic Nouveau, Color Samples
Classic Nouveau Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Artisan, Maple Carob, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Artisan engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Artisan Engineered Wood Flooring

The ultimate artistic wood floors, based on the unique character of Oak, in combination with highly skilled craftsmanship. The floors have a contemporary look, combined with old-fashioned charm. The colour range spans from palest white to almost black.

Kahrs Floors, Artisan, Color Samples
Artisan Sample Sheet
Kahrs, American Naturals, Hard Maple Toronto, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs American Naturals engineered wood floor logo

Kährs American Naturals Engineered Wood Flooring

Vigorous, opulent species such as American Walnut and Cherry, the Canadian Maple and dominant Red Oak, the collection covers many interior styles. As varied as the continent: from Alaska to Florida, from California to Newfoundland.

Kahrs Floors, American Naturals, Color Samples
American Naturals Sample Sheet
Kahrs Lumen Oak Dim Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, Wood-like Design, Lumen Luxury Vinyl Tile Logo

Kährs Lumen Engineered Wood Flooring

2-strip, stained oak floors from the Lumen Collection features warm earth tones pooled with stone grey hues. Each board is carefully brushed to perfection to enhance the natural character of the grain. The ultra-matt lacquer finish enhances the natural variations in the wood, creating the impression of newly sawn timber. This effectively eliminates glare while protecting the floor from daily wear.

Kahrs Lumen Engineered Wood Samples
Kahrs Lumen Engineered Wood Samples
Kahrs Elements Oak Pure Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, Wood-like Design, Elements Luxury Vinyl Tile Logo

Kährs Elements Engineered Wood Flooring

This single-strip flooring of the Element Collection is enhanced by an even colour variation between planks and a sweeping natural grain. Four-sided beveling at the edges ensures a classic, full plank look and feel. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the timber and highlight the texture of the wood.

Kahrs Elements Engineered Wood Samples
Kahrs Elements Engineered Wood Samples
Kahrs, Unity, Forest Oak, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, Unity Collection, Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs Unity Engineered Wood Flooring

The Unity Collection features a range of smooth and lacquered floors that are perfect for city slickers. These floors have been brushed and stained in a wide range of colours, from light to dark.

Kahrs Floors, Unity, Color Samples
Unity Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Rugged, Trench, Engineered Wood Floors
Kahrs, Rugged, Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs Rugged Engineered Wood Flooring

The rugged Collection includes five floors of different hues, united by their rustic and rugged appearance, achieved through a hand crafted surface finish. They provide a substantial, solid feel to your interior. Whether you are going for that rustic cabin vibe or intend to decorate in a French farmhouse style, a floor from the rugged Collection is a great way to add finishing detail to your interior.

Kahrs Floors, Rugged, Color Samples
Rugged Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Living, Oak Coffee, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Living Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs Living Engineered Wood Flooring

Classic, yet modern, the Living Collection features a collection of 1-strip floors made from several wood species stained in different colours, ranging from white Oak Blanc to dark Oak Coal. The floors in the Living Collection are all lacquered, some in silk matt lacquer for a smooth finish, and some with matt lacquer for a softer look. Some also feature bevelled edges.

Eternity Water Resistant Laminate

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Kahrs Floors, Living, Color Samples
Living Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Habitat, Walnut Statue, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Habitat engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Habitat Engineered Wood Flooring

The cool and glamorous Habitat Collection includes five new stunning oak and walnut floors, made from big 1-strip planks. The surfaces of the Habitat floors have been treated in a number of ways – matt lacquered or oiled, micro-bevelled, smoked and brushed – to create a distinct and unique look.

Kahrs Floors, Habitat, Color Samples
Habitat Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Tres, Ash Ceriale, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs, Tres Collection, Engineered Wood Floor Logo

Kährs Tres Engineered Wood Flooring

An introductory range of 3-strip floors made with Kährs quality.

Kahrs Floors, Tres, Color Samples
Tres Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Canvas, Oak Carbon, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Canvas engineered wood floor logo

Kährs Canvas Engineered Wood Flooring

Explore color with the new Canvas Collection. An animated array of on trend colors that add and enhance any designer’s artistic palette.

Canvas Sample Sheet
Kahrs, Activity Floor, Oak, Engineered Wood Floor
Kahrs Activity wood Floor Logo

Kährs Activity Engineered Wood Flooring

Kährs Activity Floor is a wood floor specially designed for sports. A result of long-term research, it combines excellent energy-absorbing qualities with durability and good looks. Kährs Activity Floor creates an optimal surface for all types of sports and the patented construction promotes fast, simple installation.

Kahrs Floors, Activity, Color Samples
Activity Sample Sheet
green forest image to represent environmentally green flooring
Kahrs Floors, Green logo

Kährs Green Declaration

Through the use of wood and supporting reforestation; choosing phthalate-free materials for our vinyl floors; and environmentally conscious production, we do our best to continually drive sustainable development in the flooring industry.

Most Kährs Products carry multiple certifications from various organizations such as The Air Resources Board, Nordic Ecolab, Floor Score and others.  To see the certifications that a particular product carries, visit the Digital Library and download the TDS (Technical Data Sheet) for that product.

We are always trying to find ways to make our production process more environmentally friendly, including when we manufacture floors from other materials like vinyl.

Kährs Environment Page | Kährs Environmental Certifications Page | FDG Green Chart

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