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Glitsa is always advancing, optimizing their techniques and formulas, while remaining true to classic Swedish principles. Their mastery lies in enhancing the natural beauty of wood with finishes of exceptional purity.

Glitsa Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Products

Glitsa Flooring Products – Care and Maintenance

Whatever treatment your hardwood floor has received, it will inevitably require some degree of maintenance. Glitsa floor care products are designed to make caring for your Glitsa finished floor easy and effective. Protect the beauty of your Glitsa-finished wood floor with their line of hardworking cleaners and maintenance products.

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Glitsa Conversion Varnish Systems for Hardwood Floors

Glitsa Flooring Products – Conversion Varnish Systems

A wood floor finished with a Glitsa Swedish finish radiates richness and warmth, augmenting the floor’s natural beauty. An excellent choice for domestic favorites or oily exotics, Glitsa Swedish finishes are engineered to be high-performance, low-maintenance and extremely durable. The Glitsa Gold Seal Swedish system, known for its superior clarity and wood-grain-enhancing qualities, minimizes the appearance of wear due to its flexibility and unique chemistry—a perfect option for high-traffic and everyday residential use.

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Glitsa Oil Based Finishes & Sealers

Glitsa Flooring Products – Oil Based Finishes and Sealers

Glitsa’s oil-modified polyurethane finish is a transparent, slightly-amber-in-appearance, oil-based finish formulated to provide excellent durability and stain resistance. Polyurethane delivers a rich color and degree of depth while providing excellent protection. Widely used across a variety of environments, Glitsa oil-modified polyurethane finishes are an excellent choice for any job.

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Glitsa Stains & Fillers

Glitsa Flooring Products – Stains and Fillers

Glitsa Gold Seal Stains are oil-based stains formulated to perform under all Glitsa solvent and waterborne finishes. Their beautiful, uniform coverage and crisp color make Gold Seal Stains an integral component of the finishing system. Gold Seal stains are available in a wide range of wood tone and pastel colors. Stain colors may be blended with one another to achieve that perfect shade. Whether you choose a Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin or Matte sheen, the color and grain of your wood floors are beautifully enriched with Gold Seal Stains.

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Glitsa Waterborne Finishes

Glitsa Flooring Products – Waterborne Systems

From their superior finishes to their excellent maintenance line, Glitsa is renowned for providing innovative products, and their waterborne systems are no exception. Their waterbornes are low-odor and come in clear, non-yellowing or traditional, slightly amber options. Glitsa waterborne finishes are thoroughly tested and meet the most stringent VOC regulations. Their low-VOC finishes offer beauty, quality and durability. For an exceptional waterborne finish, you can trust Glitsa.

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