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Denver Hardwood Equipment Leasing

Whether you need a single piece of equipment or an entire professional flooring business equipment package, leasing just makes sense. Talk to one of Denver Hardwood Company’s pro shop professionals, figure out what you need and want, then use the on-line lease application below to get the financing to make it all happen.

Denver Hardwood works with Navitas Credit Corp. to provide flooring professionals the funding they need, because getting the right equipment doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money.

Denver Location

1150 East 58th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216
E: info@denverhardwood.com
P: 303.296.1168
F: 303.292.3118
6:30am — 4:30pm week days.

Colorado Springs Location

3265 Fillmore Ridge Heights
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
E: info@denverhardwood.com
P: 719.418.5466
F: 719.418.5469
7am – 4:30pm week days.