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Upofloor Xpression – PVC-Free Resilient Luxury Planks and Flooring Tiles

Upofloor Xpression has been specially developed with people’s health in mind. The range includes PVC-free and plasticizer-free luxury planks and tiles developed and designed to please the eye, as well as benefit the environment.

Looks matter, but so does the well-being of people and our environment. This has been our leading philosophy for more than two decades. Upofloor Xpression offers many design options that contribute to creating a stylish and attractive environment. The range includes calm, classic and rustic wood lookalike planks in a variety of colours ranging from a light to a dark tone. You will also find striking and calm tiles.


Upofloor Xpression is made from a material called Enomer®, an innovative flooring material developed by Upofloor. Enomer® is based on natural minerals and pure thermoplastic polymers and is completely free from PVC and plasticizers.


Upofloor Xpression is suitable for public premises subject to heavy wear, including schools, shops, hospitals, cafés, offices, day-care centres and nursing homes.

Unbeatable performance characteristics:

  • Free from PVC, chlorine and plasticizer
  • Free from phthalates, halogens and heavy metals
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Bacteria resistant and antistatic
  • High performance stain resistance
  • Low maintenance – no wax required
  • Excellent durability
  • Extremely low VOC’s – contains only natural minerals and clean thermoplastic polymers
  • Promotes clean and healthy indoor air

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Upofloor, Xpression Small Plank, Color Samples
Xpression Small Plank Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Xpression Large Plank, Color Samples
Xpression Large Plank Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Xpression Tile, Color Samples
Xpression Tile Sample Sheet
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Upofloor Quartz Tile Flooring Logo

Upofloor Quartz – High Performance Commercial Flooring

Upofloor Quartz is developed to withstand the toughest of traffic in public spaces. The range of high quality performance, compressed quartz tiles are suitable for the most demanding high traffic applications. The tiles will even endure pallet trucks and fork lifts.

Our Quartz Tiles are developed and designed following the principles of sustainable development. The main raw material used is quartz sand, which makes the tiles extremely durable. Combining excellent durability with easy installation and cost-effective maintenance, they can provide uncontested appearance and competitive lifecycle costs. With plenty of color and design options to choose from, a personal, fitting solution can be found for every space and situation. Upofloor Quartz tiles help to create an area that looks appealing and remains in good shape.


Quartz is one of the world’s hardest minerals. Upofloor Quartz consists mostly of natural raw materials: quartz sand and calcium carbonates. This ensures extremely low emissions into indoor air. Upofloor Quartz has been awarded the FloorScore indoor air certificate and the best M1 rating of building materials.


Upofloor Quartz Tiles flooring is recommended for heavy use areas such as shops and department stores, offices, educational and industrial premises.

High performance commercial flooring

  • Easy installation with minimal waste
  • PUR technology, promotes easy cleaning during the whole lifespan of the floor
  • No wax or finish required – ready to use
  • Homogeneous construction
  • Large variety of design options in monochrome and multicolor tiles
  • Certified Low-VOC Flooring Product
  • Phthalate free & DEHP free

For over 60 years, our Quartz tiles have been installed worldwide in all kind of environments that have one thing in common: their need for a tough, strong and easily maintained floor with a sound environmental character.

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Upofloor, Quartz Mosaic Classic Collection, Color Samples
Quartz Mosaic Classic Collection Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Quartz Mosaic Collection, Color Samples
Quartz Mosaic Collection Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Quartz Mosaic Collection 61cm, Color Samples
Quartz Mosaic Collection 61cm, Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Quartz Marble Collection, Color Samples
Quartz Marble Collection Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Quartz Tema Collection, Color Samples
Quartz Tema Collection Sample Sheet
Upofloor, Quartz Uni, Color Samples
Quartz Uni Sample Sheet
Upofloor Zero Sheet Sound Tile Flooring image
UPOFloor Zero Sheet Sound Logo

Upofloor Zero – PVC-Free Resilient Flooring for Safe and Healthy Environment

Zero PVC, Zero Plasticizers – and Zero worries. The Upofloor Zero product family flooring materials are both environmentally and user friendly, making them well suited for public spaces, including those with especially high safety requirements – such as schools, day care centres, hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Upofloor Zero is made from our innovative flooring material Enomer®. Featuring a mineral based construction and ionomer reinforced surface treatment, the products are easy to maintain and extremely resistant to both staining and scratching.


Upofloor Zero product floors are sustainable choices. They are made from safe raw materials consisting of natural minerals and clean thermoplastic polymers. The environment has been considered in every stage of the development and production process.


Upofloor Zero flooring is suitable for public spaces subject to heavy wear, including hospitals, schools, shops, offices, daycare centres and nursing homes.

Safe and healthy choice for public premises

  • Zero PVC, chlorine and plasticizers
  • Zero phthalates, halogens and heavy metals
  • Homogeneous construction
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance – no wax or dry buffing required
  • Bacteria resistant and antistatic
  • High performance stain & chemicals resistance
  • Soft contrast pattern in a wide range of colours
  • Outstanding environmental qualities
  • Made from Enomer®, an innovative flooring material from Upofloor

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Upofloor, Zero Sheet, Color Samples
Zero Sheet Sample Sheet
UPOfloor, Zero Tile, Color Samples
Zero Tile Sample Sheet
Upofloor Safety Floors Image
Upofloor Safety Floors Logo

Upofloor Safety Floors – Sustainable Flooring with High Slip Resistance

Upofloor is responding to the market challenge and has renewed Upofloor safety-floor range, which provides a solution for all demands with regard to technical specifications and appearance. The range covers the coefficient of friction ratings of R10, R11 and R12. This collection also includes materials suitable flooring for wet rooms.

Safety R10/36+ & Wood R10/36+ is ideal for heavy-wear areas with water-supply points or other risks, such as slippery floors caused by water, ice, snow, grease and detergents. Typical sites include schools, health centers and assisted-living facilities. The product is suitable for hallways, reception areas, hospital wards, assisted-living homes, shops, bars, cafés and storage facilities. The product is durable even in areas of heavy traffic in both commercial environments as well as in residential and industrial environments.

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UpoFloor, Safety Floor R10 36, Color Samples
Safety Floor R10 36 Sample Sheet

Safety R11/45+ is ideal for areas with a high risk of slipping and where splashing can occur. These Safety floors are designed for public, industrial and residential use where slip-resistant flooring is required. Friction particles give the floor properties that allow the friction rating to withstand throughout the entire lifespan of the product. Typical application areas include floors in the lobbies, hallways and ramps in assisted-living homes, health centers, hospitals, restaurant/cafeteria facilities, treatment facilities, washing/changing rooms, toilet facilities, food-preparation facilities and kitchens. The matte-surfaced Safety R11/45+ flooring is ideal for use in facilities for the memory-impaired where non-reflective surfaces are needed.

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Upofloor, Safety Floor R11 45, Color Samples
Safety Floor R11 45 Sample Sheet

Safety R11/50+ has been specially developed for changing-room facilities, wet areas, shower rooms, spas, saunas, swimming pool environments, constantly damp rooms in nursing homes, student homes, specialized care, health care and special housing, i.e., for areas requiring efficient slip resistance. In wet areas, in addition to water, also where body wash and shampoo residues increase the risk of slipping.

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Upofloor, Safety Floor R11 50, Color Samples
Safety Floor R11 50 Sample Sheet

Safety R12/45+ is ideal for large institutional and distribution kitchens, such as restaurants and other food-processing facilities, as well as spaces where you may have a lot of grease splashes caused by cooking.

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Upofloor, Safety Floor R12 45, Color Samples
Safety Floor R12 45 Sample Sheet
Upofloor Zero Base Skirting Image
UPOFloor Zero Base Skirting logo

Upofloor Accessories – PVC-Free and Platicizer-Free Zero Skirting

Skirting is easy to install and finishes the room nicely. We offer Zero skirting in seven different colors for you to choose from. Just like the flooring, our Zero skirting is free from both PVC and plasticizer.

  • PVC free skirting for Enomer®-floor coverings
  • Completely plasticizer-free production technology
  • Phthalate free
  • Easy to install
  • Manufactured in Finland

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green forest image to represent environmentally green flooring
Upofloor Green Documents Logo

UpoFloor Green Compliance, Declarations and Other Information

Information on green certification, ISO quality assurance and other detailed product documentation.

ISO Documents

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