Stains & Finishes

Our color pallet of hardwood floor stains allows you to customize your hardwood floor to match or compliment
any style.

Rich & Quick Drying Stains

The deep, rich colors offered by our finish manufacturers ensure you’re getting the look & color you want right out of the can! Since many of the stains we offer are quick drying, your job is sure to stay on schedule. While the right stain color is the key to making sure your hardwood floor fits the style of your home or office, selecting the right finish will ensure that color lasts for years to come!

Water-Based Finishes

Water-based finishes provide a clear finish, with extreme durability. Their quick dry times and low VOC’s mean you and your family can get back to living life quicker and safer!

Traditional Polyurethane Oil Finishes

Oil-based finishes are considered the mainstay of flooring finishes and widely used by professional finishers. The biggest difference between oil-based and water-based finishes is the appearance.

Traditional Look

Oil-based finishes leave an amber glow and are often thought of more as classic or traditional. Overtime, the oil-based finishes will darken & become even bolder in hue. Oil-based finishes require fewer coats, but have a 5 hour wait time between coats and a 12 hour wait time after the last coat is applied.

Tough & Long-Lasting

These finishes are tough, long-lasting and less expensive than water-based polys. However, they do contain a higher VOC content and have a stronger odor during application.

Conversion Varnishes

Conversion varnishes are two-component acid-curing, alcohol-based sealers. Due to their origin, conversion varnishes are often referred to as Swedish finishes. They are among the toughest, and most durable finishes on the market. Due to their high VOC content, these finishes must be applied by a qualified professional.

Non-Traditional Oil Finishes