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Beauflor Residential Vinyl and Laminate

Beauflor, Jazz, Liana Vinyl Floor
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Beauflor Residential Vinyl Roll

Beauflor vinyl flooring created for residential use. These collections were engineered with thicker top layers to provide superior durability in busy residential settings with moderate to heavy foot traffic.

Durability paired with beautiful designs and superior performance against scuffs and stains, makes their vinyl flooring solutions the best option for your next project.

Beauflor, Jazz Commercial Vinyl Roll, Color Samples
Jazz Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Xtreme Commercial Vinyl Roll, Color Samples
Xtreme Sample Sheet
Beaufloor, Blacktex, Luxury Vinyl Sheet Product Image
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Beauflor Residential Luxury Vinyl Roll

Beauflor’s beautiful, trendy designs with embossed textures, vivid colors, and enhanced durability are combined to create a luxurious residential flooring experience that is innovative and unique.

A textile backing that enhances underfoot comfort, thermal insulation, and sound absorbency and increased resistance to scuffs and stains, make luxury vinyl flooring a great solution for all types of lifestyles.

Beauflor, Blacktex HD Luxury Vinyl Roll, Color Samples
Blacktex HD Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Smartex Pro Vinyl, Color Samples
Smartex Pro Sample Sheet
Beaufloor, Gamma, Crafted Vinyl Roll Product Image
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Beauflor Crafted Vinyl Roll for the Home

Beauflor offers a large selection of designs and a diverse offering of product constructions crafted to meet your family’s unique needs.

Browse their selection of Comfort Bac collections that feature added underfoot comfort and sound absorption or theiroffering of Power Bac collections that have added protection against indentations and wear.

Beauflor, Metro Crafted Vinyl Roll, Color Samples
Metro Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Omega Crafted Vinyl Roll, Color Samples
Omega Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Reflect Crafted Vinyl, Color Samples
Reflect Sample Sheet
Beauflor Crafted Plank & Tile Vinyl Floor Product Image
Beauflor Crafted Plank & Tile Vinyl Flooring Logo

Beauflor Crafted Plank & Tile for Home and Home Office

Beauflor’s Crafted Plank & Tile is one of the most innovative and user-friendly flooring solutions on the market today. As an affordable alternative to traditional wood or tile, it provides homeowners a stylish, long-lasting option that is quick to install, easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and can be changed-out with ease.

Beauflor, Boardwalk Plank & Tile Waterproof Vinyl, Color Samples
Boardwalk Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Essence Crafted Plank and Tile Vinyl, Color Samples
Essence Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Parkway Rigid Click Dry, Color Samples
Parkway Rigid Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Parkway Pro Rigid Click, Color Samples
Parkway Pro Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Pure Rigid Composite Vinyl Plank, Color Samples
Pure Rigid Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Style Vinyl Planks, Color Samples
Beauflor, Hydrana, Gyant Dark Brown laminate floor shown in a bedroom
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Beauflor Residential Laminate

Quality and style, Beauflor’s residential laminate collection offers both, which provides the ideal solution for household applications. Our best-in-class embossing methods and European design aesthetics ensure a residential flooring solution that is beautiful and built to last.

Beauflor, Hydrana, Color Samples
Hydrana Sample Sheet
Beauflor, Trendline Pro Laminate, Color Samples
Trendline Pro Sample Sheet
green forest image to represent environmentally green flooring
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BeauFlor Green Declaration

At Beauflor®, we value the environment in which we do business and the carbon footprint left behind. We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle at every point of operation. Our vinyl floors are made from 100 percent recyclable materials, and our new Georgia manufacturing facility exceeds U.S. energy efficiency standards thanks to deliberate design decisions, including energy captures and heat exchangers for recycling energy and afterburners to purify the air of fumes.

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